Five Money-Making Strategies To Fit You, Your Life and Your Goals

Real estate agents and many investors make real estate investing sound too complicated. Real estate transactions fall into basically five categories.

    • Retailing – restoring bargain houses and selling them for top-retail price.

      – With this method, you can become the bank, finance yourself and build a fortune quickly.

        • Wholesaling – finding bargains and quickly selling them to bargain hunters in a few days.

          – This method is hot due to the countless number of foreclosures. There are over 1.5 million houses owned by the banks and are being purchased for 20% to 50% of their value.

            • Getting the Deed – taking the ownership of pretty houses in nice neighborhoods.

              – By taking over existing debt and giving the seller little or no money, this method doesn’t require credit or qualifying.

                • Options – controlling houses without taking ownership.

                  – These are where sellers won’t deed you a house until they get paid or their loan is paid off. This method comes with little risk but high rewards.

                    • Owner Financing – where you are the bank.

                      –       By obtaining free assets and houses, and then offering them to buyers who make you a monthly payment and put up a large down payment, you can make money on other people’s money.

                      Methods one and two are referred as the Ugly House Business because the houses need some type of rehabbing. Methods three, four and five are referred as the Pretty House Business because these houses require little to no work.

                      Each method has features and benefits that appeal to different types of people with diverse abilities and preferences, and that’s why the business is so great.

                      However, the common factor in each method is you don’t need to use your money or credit to get started!

                      This is a little-known technique that was developed by Ron LeGrand, the nations’ leading quick turn real estate expert who has more than 27 years of real estate experience and has taught thousands of thousand of students.

                      Take control of your future today and decide if you want to move forward and play the game or sit on the sidelines as the game and life pass you by.

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                      Monopoly® of Quick Turning

                      I met these two ladies and they tested out a game that I and my co-creator Silas Colman invented, Quick Turn Real Estate Game.  They had so much fun that they wrote to me to tell me about their adventures in Investor Land. To be completely entertained, read their story below.

                      Instead of landing on Pennsylvania Railroad it is Quick Cash and instead of passing go and collecting $200 it is take 1 brass ball as you pass.

                      Yes, I it said brass ball!

                      This is not your everyday Mattel®, Fisher Price® board game, as Sophia and I (Ava) figured out when we played the Quick Turn game the other day.

                      The Quick Turn game is a way of quickly developing, reinforcing and mastering the skills needed for quick turning houses all while having a “brass ball” of a time with family and friends.

                      Now, Sophia and I are just getting our feet wet in the quick turning business, so we do not have a deep understanding of the concepts. But when we were about 25 minutes into the game and 3 “rehab deals” and 1 “wholesale deal” later, I felt like I was getting the hang of these quick turning techniques rather easily, especially for a blonde.

                      I was learning how to “subject-to” a house, get private lenders to lend me money, which is what the brass balls represent, do a deal with little start-up capital, etc., etc.

                      When the game was over, and it does end, unlike Monopoly, because it is timed, I felt extremely confident that I could go out and negotiate quick turn deals right then and there, and I was so confident, borderline cocky, that I knew I won the game.  I really felt like I won, because Sophia couldn’t stop playing with the timer that looks like an Ipod. By the way she is a blonde too, so don’t get distracted by the cool Ipod timer.


                      I did not take in the fact that whoever has the most revenue wins…after taxes! Just like Life, not the game.

                      Fortunately, I did not risk a dime on this mistake, just the constant battering of  Sophia’s “I beat you, I beat you!”. Do you have any idea of what it feels like, when the person that is so goofy, gets the game by barely paying attention because she is in love with a wanna be Ipod and beats you on top of it!

                      Even though I lost, I still won by practicing my real estate concepts and techniques throughout the whole game while boosting my confidence to structure and negotiate quick turning deals. And I gained a partner, because Sophia thought this stuff was too hard to learn, well she is on board now! I am the brains and she has the charisma.

                      Practice makes perfect and with the Quick Turn game it will accelerate the building and refining of your quick turn real estate strategies.

                      One more thing, when Sophia’s kids, one being a teenager, saw us playing the game, they wanted to play too! Now she has a way of them learning and not knowing it.  This game is a win-win situation! Thanks Game Guys, we had a blast!

                      To learn more about the Quick Turn Real Estate Game, go to

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                      Three Tips To Make Your Investors Love Your Rehab House.

                      With the state of the economy, many investors are looking at creative investing and most look to rehab houses to make a profit. Rehabbing a house can provide a substantial return on your investment and attract the “right” kind of investor if you know what you are doing. However, if you do it incorrectly, you could be throwing money away and lose an investor along the way. Here are a few tips to making a profit with a rehab house. 

                      1. Make Your Money on the Purchase

                      Good investors make their money on the purchase of the house instead of the sale. No matter what you do to a house, you can’t increase the value very much on your own. Your job is to find the best deals on the market. Find someone that virtually wants to give the house away. This will give you a better chance of turning a profit after it’s fixed up. A great place to look for low cost rehab homes are bank owned listings, better known as REOs.

                      2. Keep it Simple

                      You do not have to do anything dramatic to a house to make it sell for a profit. With most rehab houses, you just need to stick to the basics and make sure it looks good. Add a touch of paint, fix the holes in the wall and nice flooring goes a long way. Stage the house if possible; this gives the potential buyer an idea of what it would be like to “live” there.

                      3. Kitchen and Bath

                      Focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms of the house. These two rooms will be the most responsible for selling the house for a profit. Most home dwellers spend most of their time in the kitchen and want it to be inviting. The bathroom needs to be inviting because most people envision this room as their haven and relaxation space.

                      Keep these in mind when looking at a potential rehabber. These are things you will need to consider and your investor may inquire about.

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                      Real Estate Investing Becomes The World

                      Real estate investing becomes the world’s business and large number of buyers and sellers started making their real estate investment on single family homes. Florida is the beautiful state which comes up with more number of real estate properties for the buyers and Florida real estate investing on single family homes satisfies the requirements and demands of the people. Real estate investing is one of those “simple but not easy” things. The concepts are easy to grasp but it’s tougher than it sounds. Real estate investing is a profitable venture if you know the ins and outs of the business. If you are a real estate investor, there are different methods to generate profit in the real estate business.

                      There are many options available to the real estate investor.  A first, which is probably the most common today, is for an investor to purchase a REO or bank owned property which is a short sale.  These properties are available at generally a fraction of FMV (Fair market value).  In turn the investor would then place the property on the market and keep the profit.  Another option to the investor is to search for properties whose owners are already in distress.  These people will generally be willing to forfeit their equity in the house to sell it.  That equity then can be utilized by the investor to resale the house.  These are just a few options available to the real estate investor.  The key is to maximize your leverage and utilize new ideas to create new deals.

                      Now, you may be following me so far, but then comes the issue of funding the houses that you locate.  I have seen several ways of doing this as well.  Private lenders are my preference as they can offer you lower terms than traditional bank loans.  Traditional bank loans are another option but they usually require a lot of fees which cut into your profit margin and during our economic climate they are less likely to loan to anyone. In addition to these options, there are many more which include owner financing, lease back, etc.

                       Real estate investing education is a true investment that always has a positive yield. Every real estate deal has the potential to create thousands of dollars in potential wealth.  Basic real estate investing knowledge will help you succeed as a real estate investor. Real estate investing probably makes you think of a number of things. You’re likely to leap to real estate investing as real estate portfolios and real estate retirement plans, and then you may expand to thinking of short sales, bulk REO investing or virtual real estate investing.

                       Real estate investing and investors is an excellent business in the present market to acquire great financial benefits with low risk. There are tons of strategies an investor needs to learn. Real estate investing seemingly allows you to take advantage of both. You’re awarded the coveted title of homeowner while at the same time you create a source of income from your income producing real estate property. Real estate investing seemingly allows you to take advantage of both. Real estate investing basic knowledge will help you succeed as a real estate investor. One option is attending real estate investing seminars will also let you know about various software and will also teach you how to handle contact strategies and mail campaign.

                      An excellent alternative to the high-priced seminars and learning material is a board game developed by two real estate investors resembling Monopoly®.  If you are already an investor, this strategic board game is a lot of fun that further enhances your ability to achieve your next deal!  It is based on real life transactions that have taken place and incorporates “a hands on” teaching environment without risking real world losses.  It is ideal for mentors and students alike.  For more details on this unique and beneficial game visit

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                      Can You Learn Real Estate Techniques With A Board Game

                      There are many board games out there that teach you something. There are some that enhance your math skills, help you spell, improve your strategizing ability, etc. Some give you a word to act out while others give you trivia questions to answer. Then there are those who teach players the concepts of the quick turn real estate business.

                      One such board game is Ron LeGrand®’s Quick Turn Real Estate Game TM. It is known for accelerating the building and refining of your quick turn real estate skills by practicing real-life deals without the risk and fears you may face in real life.

                      The board itself looks a lot like the Monoply® board and is played in almost the same way but the concepts are different.

                      The twist with Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate GameTM is that players discover the many real estate investing techniques Ron LeGrand has been teaching and refining for over 27 years such as why going to the bank to borrow money is the worst mistake ever.

                      Playing Ron LeGrand’s Quick Turn Real Estate Game, you’ll discover…
                       How to take control of and profit from any house, regardless of underlying finances.
                       How to protect yourself going in and out of real estate transaction, so you can avoid costly problems in real life.
                       How to pre-screen houses to pick the best candidate.
                       How to determine repair costs on major items and arrive at the total cost in minutes.
                       Various exit strategies to maximize your income from each property.
                       How to conduct marketing campaigns to where buyers are beating down your door.
                       The most successful technique ever on how to get people in foreclosure to call you with the best deals you’ll ever do in real estate.
                       And much, much more.

                      Ron LeGrand has live training events to teach these little-known quick turn real estate techniques, but traveling and taking off work prevents people from attending the event, so the Quick Turn board game solves this problem by bringing the event to your living room in a fun, learning environment.

                      Go to to start developing and/or practicing your quick turn real estate skills to gain the confidence and experience needed to jumpstart, or enhance your real estate business, and start putting more money in your pocket.

                      Lastly, the Quick Turn board game is a family-friendly game that can be played by everyone in your household. This game also has children-friendly components that help children who have counting skills to buy property, market and enjoy a fun time beating their parents.

                      Start the fun and learning now. Go to

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                      Tips For Any Real Estate Investor

                      To all our friends, I have come across some great information from Ron LeGrand and Jon and Stephanie Iannotti. I wanted to share this with all of you and wish you great success in 2010!

                      From Ron LeGrand:

                      I’ve made a resolution this year to pass on as much information and resources that I can to you.  Jon and Stephanie Iannotti who are mentors sent me this valuable information and I’d like to kick off the New Year by sticking to my resolution and passing on these resources.

                      These are some great REO sites that you may find helpful!

                      AltiSource Homes – formerly Ocwen


                      JP Morgan Chase Bank REO (also includes Wells Fargo properties):


                      M&T Bank REO:


                      Wachovia REO:


                      SunTrust REO:


                      Compass Bank REO:


                      Fannie Mae REO:


                      Freddie Mac REO:


                      HUD REO:



                      Regions Bank Properties


                      Citibank REO


                      SBA Properties


                      FDIC Real Estate Owned


                      BB&T REO (Branch Bank and Trust)


                      Beal Bank Commercial REO


                      GRP Financial Services Properties


                      People’s Bank REO


                      National City Mortgage REO


                      Taylor Bean REO


                      Downey Savings & Loan


                      Beal Bank






                      Compass Bank


                      Fannie Mae




                      Fidelity National Financial


                      First National Bank of Alaska


                      First Preston


                      Freddie Mac








                      HSBC Commercial




                      Kennedy Funding


                      Kentucky Housing Corporation


                      Keystone Asset Management


                      Lexington State Bank


                      M&T Bank


                      Mortgage Lenders Network


                      New South Federal Savings Bank


                      PNC Bank


                      Private Financial Services (Bank of OK)


                      Regions Bank


                      REO Trans


                      Security National


                      U.S. Department of Agriculture


                      U.S. Government Home Sales


                      Virginia Housing Development


                      Wells Fargo Commercial


                      Zions Bank


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